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What We Charge.

The master’s hand at work with your vision.

Standard hourly rate: $100/hr
Rush delivery rate: $125/hr

We are available for hire by the hour, by the project or by dedicated 3 month, 6 month and 12 month retainers. Contact Us

Hiring Details

1. Hourly Rate.
Standard hourly rate is $100/hr. Rush delivery service is available at a rate of $125/hr. We are available for hire by the hour, by the project or by dedicated 3 month, 6 month and 12 month retainers. For more info about retainers click here.

2. Lead Time.
To ensure the highest quality in delivery and customer service we will stack projects in the order they arrived. Periodically, we experience a larger than normal volume of work requests. DS reserves the right to refuse to offer service in the event that our production queue is beyond capacity. Clients may wait for openings, or request rush delivery. Paying for rush delivery service will allow your project to “cut the line.” (Subject to availability.)

3. Work Hours.
Our regular production working hours are from 10am-5pm Monday—Friday.
We do not offer weekend or weeknight hours.

4. Estimates.
DS will offer an estimated range of time required to handle and complete any requested task. Estimates are not fixed prices, they are suggested ranges of time we believe are needed to complete a project. If a client request tasks that extend beyond any estimate range number, that time will be tracked and billed in accordance with what was accrued. All estimates and scope of works are open ended unless a fixed project rate has been agreed upon.

5. Time Tracking
We sell talented hands on the job. So time is equal to money. When asked to render a task, we will track and total all tasks and time investments. Those tasks names and descriptions will be dated, detailed and included in all invoices. Travel and communication of any kind are also to be included with standard time tracking.

6. Payment.
All invoices are due upon receipt unless an alternate payment schedule has been established. All deposits are non-refundable, and required prior to the commencement of any billable task.

7. Late fees.
Late fees will be applied to any invoice that goes unpaid beyond 30 days.
We reserve the right to charge a 5% late fee on any unpaid balance.
Late fees will be automatically applied to any sum total balance.

8. Intellectual Property.
All files created by DS are the intellectual property of DS. We reserve the right to display and distribute these files as we see fit, unless an ownership purchase agreement has been established with a client. Use-licenses and or transfer of ownership fees are available upon request.

9. Copyright.
All original work produced by DS is copyright property of DS. No work may be used with out permission.

10. Trademark.
If a client wishes to trademark their design, they will need to purchase a transfer of rights and exclusive ownership of deliverables. We can offer assistance with the trademark process if requested.

11. Reimbursable Expense.
Supplies; mileage; printing; postage; freight and shipping costs; outsourced photography; parking and tolls; and other job related costs.

12. Billable Tasks.
Travel, In person meetings, Phone Meetings, Face-Time / Skype Calls, Email Correspondence, File Sorting and Administrative. Creative Services including but not limited to: Art Creation, Graphic Design, Print Production, Photography Production, Video Production, Software Development, Tech Support, Web Maintenance, Copywriting, Art Direction, Strategic Planning, etc.

13. Liability Release.
Client assumes all liability for the use or display of any materials that may be copyright protected, licensed, or captured from the open web.
DS will make all attempts to flag and deny all use of both text and imagery that may not be legally used for commercial application.
If a client submits language or photography that are copied from another source, and may slip through our quality assurance, the client will assume all liability and legal infringement. In all cases DS, or it’s representatives, heirs and affiliates, may not be held liable for any losses.

How We Bill.


Projects larger than (20) twenty hours will be subject to a contract agreement.

Projects more or less than (3) three hours, will be grouped and totaled into our standard two-week billing cycles.

Retainer services available for prepaid production time by the week, month, or year.
See Retainer Options.

We believe in total transparency and delivery of the highest quality end product. We treat all projects with the same care and regard. No time will be spent on a project without the complete approval and request of our clientele.

We don’t like surprises when it comes to costs or project delivery.
All work is discussed in precise detail prior to commencement.

What Services We Bill For.


Fees for Creative Services shall be based on actual accrued time in accordance with our standard hourly rate schedule.

Mileage; printing; postage; freight and shipping costs;
outsourced photography; parking and tolls; and other job related costs.

Checks shall be made payable to: DIGUISEPPI STUDIOS
Invoices are due upon receipt and may be subject to a 5% services charge per month on any outstanding balance.

Are non-refundable and will be required prior to the commencement of any creative or creative related services. The sum will be determined by the scope of work for each individual project. The retainer will be credited against the final invoice for the project.

The following are typical services and tasks rendered during any creative project. We track our time spent, down to the nearest quarter-hour increment, and will accompany any and all billed tasks with detailed descriptions and dated correspondence that goes with any given work rendered.

Time spent art directing and or corresponding, in person, on phone, or via email.

Time spent designing, conceptualizing, researching, and editing digital renderings and graphics.

Time spent authoring, editing, and publishing code and interacting with hosting providers.

Time spent capturing and editing video, onsite location time, studio time, and post-production.

Time spent capturing and editing photography, onsite location time, studio time, and post-production.

Time spent researching and scripting custom language or editing existing language.

Time spent illustrating, drawing, painting, color rendering, and editing—both digitally and using traditional mediums.

Time spent traveling to and from any location related to a given project.

Please Send Written Approval, Click Here.


• Per-hour projects (tasks under twenty hours) are calculated in minimum increments of quarter hours.

• Per-hour maintenance and small projects are invoiced on two-week billing cycles.

• A 5% late fee will be applied per month on any invoice unpaid longer than 30 days from task or project completion.

• All invoices are DUE UPON RECEIPT, no print ready or web ready files will be released prior to payment agreement.

• A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all “Per Project” work with the remaining 50% due prior to release of final print ready or web ready artwork.


When you hire our team, you hire consultant master designers. We’re on staff all the time to address any need that arises—from fifteen minutes to fifteen years of steady work production. We’re in business to connect and support the area’s business community. We are seeking long-term relationships based on total transparency and collaborative communication. We’ve grown exponentially each year in business because of hard work, careful craft, and the support of our ever-growing universe of clientele.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service when set to task on any endeavor.

Some of the most typical projects we churn out include the following:
Business front websites, design, graphics, programming, and publishing.
Logo marks, business cards, stationary, postcards, direct mailers, shirt graphics, vehicle decals.
Advertisements, photography production and editing, billboards and building signage.

We look forward to creating with you.

If you’re ready to go, please read the list below to understand the basics steps of a project quote.

1. Define the project substrate, scale, production processes, and available resources.

2. Define the deadlines and milestones.

3. Detail estimated time to task ratios, ballpark the total costs from all vendors, offer flat rate retainers, or ongoing payment agreements.

4. Determine a budget range, what you can spend, really, and what you are trying to get done.

5. Provide clients with a detailed quote describing the entire project with entire costs attributed (including deposit amounts, fee schedules and deadline/milestone requirements).

6. Receive client approval or request amendments.

7. Synchronize contract documents with signatures.

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