Vector Illustration

Vector Illustrations and original art rendered from famous photographs of Bruce Lee. Colors and shapes were approximated and smoothed to create a contemporary shape fill for a 3d dimensional yet simulated rendering. Any photograph can get turned into a style like these pieces.

Vector Illustrations and icon set for Amigos Deli and Carniceria. These icons are used through out much of the company’s brand media, as background texture and isolated shapes. All icons were hand made and totally customized by our graphic artists.

Vector Illustrations for Azzurro Group Digital Broadcasting. Their new website features a wonderful array of page presentations detailing each area of their business operations and offerings. An illustration can quickly suggest an idea sometimes much faster than a photograph.  We carefully crafted concept and drafting for all icons featured. Custom illustrations were rendered by our own artist Andy DiGuiseppi.

Vector Illustrations for Smartling Translation Services. Project commissioned work on behalf of Typoglyphic Studios. We provided art direction and creative concepting for all icons. This set matches the company’s brand and is playing a role in future brand styling. These illustrations serve to lead the user through various selling points through out their website interface. Custom illustrations were rendered by our own artist Andy DiGuiseppi.

Vector Illustrations for Hanu Skin Care brand division logos. These vector peacock symbols were commissioned illustrations by Andy DiGuiseppi.  The Hanu brand features two color palette applications to the adult product line. The children’s brand illustration leverages the similar arrangement with a uniquely youthful illustration style applied.
The Men’s line features a stylized wave symbol hinting at the oceanic style and rejuvenating moisture protection the product offers. We also produced custom holistic insignias to go along with the brand media messaging.

Custom Restaurant Illustrations rendered in Vector line styling. These little elements serve as visual directives for their print and online menu designs. They are category lead ins for each menu in their custom designed website pages. And the Drink icons are apart of their ever growing printed beverage menu. Mezon Tapas Bar and Restaurant features a balance of two styles; the slick modern minimal design along side touches of classical old world Spanish elements. visit our brand gallery to see more.

Vector Illustrations and logo graphic to support the Besti brand design. Pop art influenced with contemporary line art directive info graphic icons. Leads the viewer through the spaces on their website and helps hint at the culture and style that goes with the ever growing brand. Besti is an online directory of the best places on earth.

Vector Illustrations and icon set for Womanswork. These graphics served as source art for their annual print catalog design and layouts. As well as for their website and product packaging. We start with sketches and then go digital. No limits but your imagination.

GUI Screen Mock Ups and custom icon design for Presense Kick Starter Campaign Graphics. Original Logo illustration and custom icons were leveraged for their kick starter campaign. These graphics are to serve the app development team in coding a beautiful interface. Not all code jockeys can design. This gives them the bulls-eye on their map.

Custom Vector illustrated icons and logo re-drawing for AMS Real Estate. These uniquely designed icons tell the story and lead the user through their website presentation. Using something custom ensures you won’t be called out for using run of the mill stock art. We started with sketches and styling research and then perfectly crafted these illustrations. Vector based icons can scale as big as you like, and so these can be used for billboards or train station ads. As well as for their custom property signage.

Andy DiGuiseppiVector Illustration